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Between river and mountain, lowland and sky.

the encounter between nature and history

Our old family farmhouse has a privileged location. Built near the Secchia river, it is located on the first hills of the Emilian Apennines, from where it dominates the Po valley.

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20 km from Reggio Emilia / Modena
10 km from Maranello
4 km from Sassuolo


You can park your vehicle in the parking spaces available in the courtyard of the farmhouse.

Foto dell'entrata con viale alberato | Photo of the entrance with tree-lined avenue


Tree-lined driveway

To get to our farmhouse you have to walk along a charming private tree-lined driveway that ends in the courtyard of the bed and breakfast.

bed & breakfast

Casa della Ludo

Our farmhouse, of which we have traces already in 1600, has been expanded in more interventions over the centuries. Today, its oldest part hosts our bed and breakfast.


Go back in time

The interior of the farmhouse shows all the charm of a bygone era. Everything here tells its history, from the frescoes that adorn the walls and ceilings to the furnishings recovered in accordance with tradition.

Casa della Ludo B&B was born from the charming personality of Ludovica, owner of the farmhouse, from my passion for hospitality and from the warmth of our family who works every day to make you feel at home.

Foto del Direttore Manuela | Photo by the Director Manuela
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